Well, here we are. September already! It’s been a busy old year and has been going very well.

Mr Todd’s Reckoning and Out Of The Madhouse were picked up as audio books with Isis Audio. Mr Todd’s Reckoning, narrated by the brilliant Michael Simkins, came out on 1 August and we’ve been getting some rave reviews – see my twitter feed, http://www.twitter.com/iainmaitland

My eldest son Michael and I recorded Out Of The Madhouse over in Oxford on 1 September and that is out on 1 November. Hoping there may be more audio books; let’s see how these ones go!

I’ve been writing thrillers these past few years and veered off to write a family saga, January to July 2021. That’s currently doing the rounds. Can’t say too much about that as we’re going to put it out under a female pen name.

I’ve my next thriller, 3 Bluebell Lane, out in November with a new publisher to me – Inkubator Books over in Dublin. Hopefully, that will go well and we will do more together.

I’m now, to Christmas, writing three Edwardian murder mystery novellas for Sharpe Books. These are all set in Suffolk and feature my detective duo of Bloomfield and Palmer. The first of these should be out this side of Christmas.

I have been invited to write three pysch thrillers in 2022 but TV – Mr Todd’s Reckoning – has just popped up again, discussions next week, and if they progress well there may be two Todd sequels to write first. Hopefully, I can write more about these next time; some time in early October.

Iain Maitland

14 September 2021