About Me

I’m a novelist and have been doing this full-time these past few years. Before that, for about 30 years, I was a freelance writer focusing on business and finance and other boring stuff that paid the bills. By 2015, I’d had enough. I wrote two memoirs, Dear Michael, Love Dad (Hodder, 2016/17) and, with my eldest son, Michael, Out Of The Madhouse (JKP, 2018). Both of these are available on Amazon and as audios too – Dear Michael, Love Dad is read by the fab actor, Michael Simkins, and Out Of The Madhouse is read by my son Michael and myself – what a wonderful experience that was!

I spent a few years with one agent and one publisher getting nowhere very slowly with one thriller out each year – Sweet William, Mr Todd’s Reckoning and The Scribbler – and this was incredibly frustrating. Mr Todd’s Reckoning was coming to TV as a six-part series with Paul Ritter starring in it. Sadly, Paul passed away and the production company, AbbottVision, withdrew from the project. After a while, I shook hands on a film deal but handshakes are meaningless these days and that did not happen. I’m currently in talks with an actor, very well-known and extremely talented, to see if we can get a TV series going again. It looks more likely than not. Fingers crossed.

I then spent 18 months thrashing about, going through four agents and talking to lots of different publishers, trying to get with the right people. Had to kiss a lot of really horrid frogs! Things, eventually, slotted into place (very nicely) and I now have a fab agent, Matthew Smith at Exprimez Literary Agency & Consultancy, who is currently working on my semi-autobiographical novel, The Walker. I am writing pysch thrillers for Inkubator Books – The Girl Downstairs came out in November 2021 and the next, The Perfect Husband, should be out in September. I submitted that MS and ideas for seven more thrillers earlier this week and should get going on the next psych thriller next week. Looking ahead, I think I will be writing three psych thrillers a year for the foreseeable. They sell. I make a living. I am happy …

Happy Days!


Iain Maitland

Wednesday 20 July 2022