Well, here we are just before Christmas 2021. It’s been a busy old year and 2022 looks even busier!

The Girl Downstairs was my thriller this year, following on from Sweet William, Mr Todd’s Reckoning and The Scribbler – a new publisher though, Inkubator Books, and the book has done better in the first month than all the others put together going back to 2018! It also made it to #1 in one of the Amazon UK Hot New Releases categories and to #2 on the Amazon US site.

In 2021, two of my books, Mr Todd’s Reckoning and Out Of The Madhouse (written with my eldest son Michael), were picked up as audio books with Isis Audio. Mr Todd’s Reckoning, narrated by the brilliant Mike Simkins, came out on 1 August and we’ve been getting some rave reviews; well, Mike mostly. Michael and I recorded Out Of The Madhouse over in Oxford on 1 September and that came out on 1 November. I’m hoping there may be more audio book adaptations but let’s see how these ones go.

I’ve been writing thrillers these past few years and veered off to write a family saga, January to August 2021. As I am known for guts and gore, I wrote that under a female pen name. I sent that out to a handful of publishers and was moving towards a couple of offers when I revealed I was a man not a woman and both conversations ground to an abrupt halt. Apparently, a man cannot write as a woman these days; gender identity issues etc. I’m going to be pitching that again under my own name in 2022.

I’m now writing three Edwardian murder mystery novellas for Sharpe Books. These are all set in Suffolk and feature my detective duo of Bloomfield and Palmer. The first of these, The Wickham Market Murder, is out in February. And I have been invited to write three pysch thrillers in 2022 for Inkubator Books and the first of those, The Perfect Husband, should be out in July . Mr Todd’s Reckoning is now in the works as a movie. The deal’s been agreed and I should be signing in January with a formal announcement to follow. Happy days!

Iain Maitland

Thursday 23 December 2021