The Wickham Market Murder

Suffolk, 1907.

Wickham Market’s local constable William Palmer spends his days yearning to solve a significant case so he can earn his detective’s badge.

But Palmer is torn, because he is also in love with the school mistress Alice Kemp who doesn’t want to leave the village.

One night, the night of a dramatic storm, there is a murder. A housemaid – Evelyn Maud Roberts – is found stabbed to death at the local vicarage.

Palmer has his chance to make a name for himself.

The local doctor declares that Evelyn was six months pregnant.

And the vicar’s daughter, Charlotte Mellor, names three men who may have reason to commit murder; Walter Fisk, soon-to-be-master at the workhouse; Albert Nunn, the postman; Frederick Hawes, the slow-witted village boy in love with Evelyn.

Palmer investigates. But he only has so much time before Inspector Bloomfield – the veteran detective from Suffolk Police – arrives from Ipswich to take over the case.

And before the killer strikes again.

‘A well-crafted murder mystery, weaving a family saga with engaging protagonists and a clever twist.’ Thomas Waugh.

‘The Wickham Market Murder was an entertaining novella.’ Loopyloulaura.

‘If you like tv shows such as Murdoch Mysteries, Midsomer Murders or Father Brown this book is a perfect one to read. The characters and writing are described well and it feels very easy to read, to get into and follow.’ Steph Louise On Instagram.

‘I really enjoyed the plot and the pace, it was easy to follow and I was fascinated to see how they might solve this case without clear cut evidence. What was even better is that the story really highlighted justice, or rather injustice at times and how difficult it would be to solve some cases.’ David’s Book Blurg.

‘… the dramatic climax. It’s a shocker. I really enjoyed this book and hope to see our intrepid duo again soon.’ Lynda’s Book Reviews and News.

‘I won’t say too much, but it’s engaging and gripping right to the end. The pacing is perfectly matched to the story, it speeds headlong like a hi-speed train from the first page until you are closing the last.’ Chicks, Rogues and Scandals.

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