The Perfect Husband

‘Heartrending and macabre’. Barbara Nadel …

Laura thought Robert was too good to be true. She got that right.
A small-town barbeque in summer’s dying days. There, gentle, bookish Laura meets a man who makes her laugh, hangs on her every word.
He’s the one. Isn’t he?
But once Laura falls pregnant, Robert’s mask slips. She can never quite keep him happy. He is cold and judgemental with a temper that can flare up at any moment. He goes out for hours and won’t tell her where he’s been, he even locks her own door against her.
Laura realises she has married a total stranger, a man governed by dark impulses and darker secrets who seems determined to gain control of every part of her life. Who is this man she’s living with and what terrible things has he done?
As Laura slowly discovers the truth about Robert, she begins to realise that she and her unborn child are in terrible danger. And finally she understands she will have to answer one terrifying question – how far am I willing to go to protect my baby?
The Perfect Husband – the stunning psychological thriller from the author of The Girl Downstairs and Mr. Todd’s Reckoning.

‘Absolutely terrifying. The panic, the anxiety, the delusions, that deep bone-shaking fear. You’ll experience all that vicariously and more. Guaranteed. This is a psychological thriller and it does exactly what’s on the box.’ Kristyna G, Net Galley Reviewer .

‘Great read, I was pleasantly surprised at how fast paced it was. I ended up staying up most of the night to finish it. This is a fast, easy, read, that is very intense. Anyone looking for something new to read, this is the book for them.’ Stacie H, Net Galley reviewer .

‘This is a chilling,dark and at times terrifying book … A well written psychological thriller.’ Mark F, Net Galley reviewer.

‘Fantastic thriller which will keep you flipping through as fast as you can. Loved the twist at the end. Well written with excellent dialogue and wonderful character development.’ Louise G, Net Galley reviewer.

‘Impossible to put down, but also quite disturbing … The writing is beautiful, you feel you’re in Laura’s shoes and you’re freaking out!’ Hannelore C, Net Galley reviewer.

‘The Perfect Husband is a fast-paced read that kept me turning the pages … ticked all of the boxes for me …the mounting tension is almost tangible … I was fully invested from the very start.’ Andrea P, Net Galley reviewer.

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