Contact Me!

If you’d like to get in touch, please do – you can email me via or text me at 07956106007. You can follow what I am doing writing-wise at my twitter page, I update that most days. I have a Facebook page too but that’s a bit hit and miss.

I am not looking to take on any new significant writing projects until at least 2022. I’m fiddling and faffing with new ideas and possible projects to Christmas. 2021 is, fingers crossed, taken up with a Gayther & Carrie and a Todd and couple of TV projects. 3 Bluebell Lane will also be out and so I will be promoting that of course.

I am always available – as and when it’s possible again – to do talks, especially on mental health. I am DBS-checked and all that and I do not charge or take expenses for anything to do with mental health issues. I also write articles – I was a freelance journalist for 25 years+ – but tend to do them mostly when I have a book out etc.

I am now represented by Tom Cull at Cull & Co so any queries to do with books, TV, film etc, need to go via him. Of my work to date, other than Mr Todd’s Reckoning, where TV rights have been taken, I retain the TV, film, stage and foreign and translation rights on my works. Tom is working with these at present. He is also taking over representation for my books, starting with 3 Bluebell Lane. Exciting times …

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