Contact Me!

Got to be honest, other than doing articles and talks now and then, which I do without fees or expenses if mental health-related, I’m not looking for any projects for a year or two which is smashing really.

Even so, any professional enquiries – foreign and translation rights, dramatic stuff, audio etc – can come to me. Articles, talks and that sort of stuff can come to me too. I am now self-represented.

If you’d like to get in touch, please do – you can email me at or text me at 07956106007. You can follow what I am doing writing-wise at my twitter page, I update that most days. I have a Facebook page too but that’s a bit hit and miss.

I am not looking to take on any new significant writing projects until probably 2025. 2023 and 2024 are fully booked with three psych thrillers a year for Inkubator Books. I’ll be involved with the TV series of Mr Todd’s Reckoning if it happens. If The Old Man, His Dog & Their Longest Journey goes well, I will be doing two sequels.

I am always available to do talks, especially on mental health. I am DBS-checked and all of that and I do not charge or take expenses for anything to do with mental health issues. I also write articles – I was a freelance journalist for 30 years – but tend to do them mostly when I have a book out etc.

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