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As of today, Monday 3 April , things are going brilliantly well. My latest pysch thriller, The Perfect Husband, is an Amazon Best-Seller in a proper big old category – so thrilled by that. I have my first literary novel, The Old Man, His Dog & Their Longest Journey, out in June. I have set up a page about it on this website so please do take a look! I’m also just finishing the next psych thriller, The Soulmate (working title), which is about a stalker. More on that soon.

I have not done any proper, face-to-face talks for ages – I’d love to do some. I usually do various talks over the year – book launches and festivals etc – as well as mental health talks, including some conferences for Stem4, the mental health charity. Very proud to be an ambassador for Stem4. I have missed these and hope to do more in the coming months …

‘Breathtakingly magnificent … His deadpan delivery of a dry wit that will leave you with tears streaming down your face but at the same time his own life experiences shine through his narrative making it totally unique, relevant and thought provoking!’ Chapter In My Life

‘Marx Brothers on speed.’ Douglas Skelton, Author.

‘So much fun, and a bit bonkers.’  Bloody Scotland Attendee.

‘Iain Maitland … An hilarious and, frankly, show stealing turn in a panel at last year’s Bloody Scotland book festival.’ Suze Reviews

‘Brilliant and heartfelt talk.’ Ipswich Samaritans AGM Attendee.

‘A brilliant speaker … Iain is open and frank and his moving account endears him to his audience straightaway.’ Stem4.

TV! Ah, now. I was expecting a six-part TV series of Mr Todd’s Reckoning starring Paul Ritter. Paul passed away. After a while, we took it to a film company and thought we had a deal but … people, eh? We then got a thumbs-up from a very well-known actor and we thought that would kick-start things. But it went round and round a bit. Then had a London meet with someone important in the industry but that kind of fizzled out. It’s currently being read by various TV and film companies so … watch this space.

I am most excited about The Old Man, His Dog & Their Longest Journey – the story of a man who has a breakdown and decides to go on a long walk with his dog, Bernard. He has various adventures along the way and his life changes forever, for the better. And then … well, more to come. I am so thrilled that my new publisher recognises I can write about more than just guts and gore and 23 feet of entrails on the garage floor. I can write funny and sad stuff and about loss and family and love. This is the best book I have ever written.

Last Update: Monday 3 April 2023

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