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Ah well, funny old year, lockdowns and all …

It began with AbbottVision taking an option on Mr Todd’s Reckoning and I was taken for a slap-up meal at the Ivy.

‘Iain Maitland has pulled off a masterstroke. Combining the ingenuity of an Agatha Christie, the horror of Rillington Place and the wit of the best of British, the story keeps you on your toes, fills you with dread and makes you laugh out loud. We can’t wait to bring it to the screen and think the audience will delight in the rollercoaster ride.’ AbbottVision.

All rather lovely. And then … lockdown. I think scripts have now been written and, hopefully, a six-part TV series beckons sometime soon … soon-ish.

I spent most of the year wrestling with 3 Bluebell Lane which is probably my most ambitious book – and very dark too. It features Mr Adams, a middle-aged lonely man, Rosie, a homeless young woman and a cellar. (NB. Rosie does not end up in her underwear in the cellar). That’s currently doing the rounds for publication and should appear, all being well, in 2021.

I usually do various talks over the year – book launches and festivals etc – as well as mental health talks, including some conferences for Stem4, the mental health charity. Very proud to be an ambassador for Stem4. I have missed these and did a zoom event for parents for them on 12 November which seemed to be very successful.

‘Breathtakingly magnificent … His deadpan delivery of a dry wit that will leave you with tears streaming down your face but at the same time his own life experiences shine through his narrative making it totally unique, relevant and thought provoking!’ Chapter In My Life

‘Marx Brothers on speed.’ Douglas Skelton, Author.

‘So much fun, and a bit bonkers.’  Bloody Scotland Attendee.

‘Iain Maitland … An hilarious and, frankly, show stealing turn in a panel at last year’s Bloody Scotland book festival.’ Suze Reviews

‘Brilliant and heartfelt talk.’ Ipswich Samaritans AGM Attendee.

‘A brilliant speaker … Iain is open and frank and his moving account endears him to his audience straightaway.’ Stem4.

I’ve also, after almost five years, parted company with my literary agent. I’ve been wonderfully fortunate to have been represented by the Clare Hulton Literary Agency for almost five years now. Clare got me my first deal, Dear Michael, Love Dad, in November 2015 and has handled all deals since. As we part company, this is a big shout out ‘Thank you’.

I’ve now signed up with a new agent, Annette Crossland, and I believe this will prove to be massively successful. I am moving in a different direction – working on some TV scripts and a family saga book. I am returning to crime and thriller books in 2021 with the next Gayther & Carrie novel. All being well – TV and all that – I will then be writing the follow-up to Mr Todd’s Reckoning. I will then, in my dream scenario, spend each year doing a crime novel (alternating Gayther & Carrie and Todds) and a family saga and a couple of TV projects. Well, I can dream …

And finally, on a personal note, for those of you who have read Dear Michael, Love Dad and/or Out Of The Madhouse and wondered where it all ended … it ended happily ever after. Michael got better … went to work as a tattoo artist … fell in love … and he and his partner Georgia had a baby on 30 November. A boy. Jonah Charles Maitland. My heart burst.

Last Update: 15 December 2020

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