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As at 17 March, the writing is going very well. I’m doing a series of psych thrillers for Inkubator Books. The Girl Downstairs was the first and that came out in November 2021. I’ve since been writing The Perfect Husband and am due to deliver that at the end of April. Alongside that I am writing a series of Edwardian murder mystery novellas for Sharpe Books. The first, The Wickham Market Murder, came out in February 2022 and I will be delivering The Southwold Murders at the end of May. All being well, these series with these publishers will run and run.

I usually do various talks over the year – book launches and festivals etc – as well as mental health talks, including some conferences for Stem4, the mental health charity. Very proud to be an ambassador for Stem4. I have missed these and hope to do more in the coming months …

‘Breathtakingly magnificent … His deadpan delivery of a dry wit that will leave you with tears streaming down your face but at the same time his own life experiences shine through his narrative making it totally unique, relevant and thought provoking!’ Chapter In My Life

‘Marx Brothers on speed.’ Douglas Skelton, Author.

‘So much fun, and a bit bonkers.’  Bloody Scotland Attendee.

‘Iain Maitland … An hilarious and, frankly, show stealing turn in a panel at last year’s Bloody Scotland book festival.’ Suze Reviews

‘Brilliant and heartfelt talk.’ Ipswich Samaritans AGM Attendee.

‘A brilliant speaker … Iain is open and frank and his moving account endears him to his audience straightaway.’ Stem4.

And finally, on a personal note, for those of you who have read Dear Michael, Love Dad and/or Out Of The Madhouse and wondered where it all ended … Michael got better … went to work as a tattoo artist … met Georgia and fell in love … had a baby boy … is living happily ever after.

Last Update: Thursday 17 March 2022

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