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Ah well, funny old year, 2021 and all … Parted company with my long-term agent and publisher … lost the Todd TV series due to the passing of the lovely Paul Ritter … signed to do a couple of audio books … signed to write a series of Edwardian murder mysteries … signed to have The Girl Downstairs published … agreed to write three more psych thrillers … agreed to a movie of Mr Todd’s Reckoning; other stuff bubbling up.

The Girl Downstairs is my latest book, published by Inkubator Books, and that’s been going well. This is my favourite review, from Melissa on Net Galley …

“The Girl Downstairs” is a House of mirrors from beginning to end. I knew in my gut that something more was happening here. A house of mirrors leading you into directions which are illusion until they’re not and then again until it’s not and so on. 

I seriously dnf’d this book 4-5 times. I couldn’t take it. The first chapters were sleazy and gross and perverse, but I kept going back. I didn’t know what the pull was. For a bit I felt, holy sh*t, this seems like a persons journal and that was the first time I put it on a DNF shelf.

“The Girl Downstairs” lured me in and it took courage to get beyond the difficult points contemplating whether you want to toss the book aside saying farewell to this sick bast*rd or whether you want to stick around to find out what makes him tick. Like the house of mirrors with the uneasy funhouse effect, nothing is as it appears. With that, I do hope everyone who picks this up to read follows through with it because it is very worth the read. 

When Rosie is fully in the picture is the point in which the house of mirrors really kicks in. It’s a slow and detailed read. I see I’m in the minority here and I wish that wasn’t the case. It was the void of fast paced events, where the tension is given the chance to build inside with deep subtly and it works perfectly. 

The reality is that this story was tragic! A deep, unsettling and sad story which is going to haunt me. I did ‘not’ see that coming. Mr. Adams is not working with a sound mind and his ways are damned nuts, but when loss causes mental illness to be……or to be-come worse there’s no telling what some people are capable of so I’d say it’s best not to bring strangers home…….or……. not to go home with strangers because who really knows which one is the dangerous one……..

Immensely happy I read this through to the end. Highly recommended and I’m thankful I got a chance to read it. 

Thank you to the publisher, Inkubator, to NetGalley and to the author for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review…… honest review for a book which easily is getting, completely unexpected yet completely deserving, five solid stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 📖 🤓 loved it!!

I usually do various talks over the year – book launches and festivals etc – as well as mental health talks, including some conferences for Stem4, the mental health charity. Very proud to be an ambassador for Stem4. I have missed these and hope to do more …

‘Breathtakingly magnificent … His deadpan delivery of a dry wit that will leave you with tears streaming down your face but at the same time his own life experiences shine through his narrative making it totally unique, relevant and thought provoking!’ Chapter In My Life

‘Marx Brothers on speed.’ Douglas Skelton, Author.

‘So much fun, and a bit bonkers.’  Bloody Scotland Attendee.

‘Iain Maitland … An hilarious and, frankly, show stealing turn in a panel at last year’s Bloody Scotland book festival.’ Suze Reviews

‘Brilliant and heartfelt talk.’ Ipswich Samaritans AGM Attendee.

‘A brilliant speaker … Iain is open and frank and his moving account endears him to his audience straightaway.’ Stem4.

And finally, on a personal note, for those of you who have read Dear Michael, Love Dad and/or Out Of The Madhouse and wondered where it all ended … Michael got better … went to work as a tattoo artist … met Georgia and fell in love … had a baby boy … is living happily ever after.

Last Update: Thursday 23 December 2021

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